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Multiple Award-Winning Comedian and Impersonator

- "Entertainer of the year" x3
- "Best comedian 2012 - Peoples choice award"

Over 75 Million USD Grossed at the Box Office ...

Best-Selling Scandinavian Comedian / Artist on DVD

Highest Rated Comedy TV Show 4 Times Running
Platina Debut Album "Listen when Alone"
Including the Nr 1 Smash Hit "Still here" and the Top 5 Hits "If I Was" and "I Surrender"

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“I only do 1-takes when I impersonate, and that is out of the respect for the real artist, and because I always want to be able to do the same performance on stage as on TV. There is a fine balance when it comes to music since everybody has their own connection with it, so you must always step carefully! That is why some are “impersonations” (where you are supposed to close your eyes and believe the real person is there), and you have “the parody” is to overdo the typical frames/gestures and mannerisms of the person and make them stronger. And then you have the “cartoonish way” witch is to overdo features/looks of the real person, but that is almost always done with humor. I wanted to try to mix them all, but have the audience sitting with a positive vibe on what they saw. Knock on wood!”
(Quote: Kristian Valen)

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